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Our Core Vision
and Mission


To succeed where other treatment centers have failed.

To create an effective drug rehabilitation program. Using the best treatments and practices available.

To aid your recovery from addiction process by making use of plant medicines, meditation, yoga, breathwork, diet, scientific studies, classes on the mid brain, and its roll in addiction.

It is our intention to provide a safe, compassionate environment for you to heal in. Throughout your stay.

Serenity Beach Wellness - Ibogaine Detox Treatment Center, Baja California, Mexico

Our Mission is to facilitate a program and environment that encourages healthy lifestyle and spiritual practice, particularly for people who have experienced adversity and disorder in their lives. We have a holistic, changeable model, using natural medicines to reduce suffering and reduce negative consequences in our lives.

about us

Serenity Beach Wellness

We are a drug rehabilitation facility based in Baja California, Mexico.
Our drug detox program makes use of a special plant medicine called Ibogaine / Iboga. This psychedelic medicine has several fantastic attributes which make it perfect for drug detoxes, earning it the name "the reset" or in some cases "the cure to addiction".
We are big fans of ibogaine here but we feel that its benefit is maximised when combined with other practices such as; meditation, yoga, exercise, breathwork, creativity, adventure, time in nature and a deeper understanding of how your mind works.

Below are some of the support therapies and modalities we make use of.


Our Leadership

Robert Payne

Senoir Ibogaine Provider
Moving Forward

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