The traditional way that ibogaine is administered to really achieve rapid, intense and profound change in an individual is a flood dose. From the Bwiti in the jungles of Central Africa, to backstreet underground drug detoxes, this is what people typically seek. There are three main vital components to this experience, that will help you on your journey;

Serenity Beach ibogaine flood dose is a life changing process.

Safety: Ibogaine can be dangerous for certain people. Our screening involves EKGs, heart monitoring, blood testing and physical exam to make sure you’re suited for ibogaine flood dose.

Timeline: Preparation is important. Once you’re stable, emotionally ready, and in great physical condition the Doctor and nurses will administer your ibogaine flood dose. Through this process you’ll be taken care of by compassionate, observant English speaking professionals.

Gray Day: Ibogaine is active for 36 hours. The first twelve (the trip) will be, in a way easy, since you have to give control up to a powerful, trustworthy, healing spirit. After this, you’ll gradually notice the psychoactivity decline, but the medicine is still working: Physical trauma you neglected to feel will present itself. Emotional pain you protected yourself from will signal.
This is the most difficult period of the process for most people.

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Become your ideal self with hypnosis & visualization in Baja California, Mexico
Become your ideal self with hypnosis & visualization in Baja California, Mexico

The trip and gray day are over, and you’re becoming more physical, more engaged with what’s happening around you. Like a newborn, some things may seem new or amazing to you. While this is happening, it’s best to eat as well as you can, be physical and enjoy the sensations.

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