Many polysubstance users have some stimulants in the picture. Cocaine, crack, amphetamines, adderall and Meth are complicated foes for ibogaine.

Because both ibogaine and stimulants affect heart performance, the participant must have the stimulant cleared from their system before ibogaine treatment.

Ibogaine flood dose for people addicted to methamphetamines, or other amphetamines, are often repeated a second time after initial treatment. We think the first ibogaine flood dose repairs major damage to neuroplasticity and the second provides the introspective ‘trip’.
Ibogaine treatment helps us examine our core selves, our identity and our behaviors. When we are quitting stimulants like meth, it’s largely the cessation of behaviors that is more challenging than the physical dependence and withdrawals.
As with all our treatments we support our guests through their recoveries from their addictions with a range of health supplements, amino acids, adaptagens and other plant medicines. These work in synergy with the ibogaine.

Crystal Meth Addiction - Ibogaine Treatment Clinic
Crystal Meth Addiction – Ibogaine Treatment Clinic
Ibogaine can help with the post acute withdrawals of crystal meth and other amphetamines such as Adderall.