Stopping your addiction is just the beginning.

Are you ready to be your ideal self?

Located in idyllic Baja California, Mexico, Serenity Beach Wellness offers a comprehensive program to stop your addiction for good.

Utilizing ibogaine assisted drug detox treatments in combination with meditation, exercise and clean living practices; we provide compassionate and experienced staff to guide you through your journey to find the answer. 


About Serenity

Where other treatment programs might have failed you in the past, Serenity Beach Wellness offers a holistic approach to permanately end your addiction. Through our innovative and customizable treatment models, we open the path to fulfilling your highest potential.

Ibogaine Detox

Derived from the bark of the iboga plant, ibogaine is an african psychedelic with proven drug detox properties and other health benefits.How it works:• Resets your body chemistry to a pre-addicted state• Provides relief from opiate detox symptoms • Triggers accerlerated neural growth for months following treatment• Sets in motion a life changing journey

Support Programs

You are not in this alone. Serenity Beach Wellness is here to guide you through your journey every step of the way. What we offer:• Physical Exercise -yoga, hiking, swimming• Therapy - individual and group• Clean Diet (Preferences taken into consideration)• Supporting Supplements• Guided meditation and breathwork, hypnotherapy• Self Improvement Classes; midbrain, spanish, spirituality• Group activities and outings

Meditation, Yoga, Retreats, Free Programs & More...

Moving forward

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Talk to our experienced team of ibogaine providers and support staff. Many of whom are former addicts and are very knowledgeable about the process. They will be happy to help you with any queries or concerns you may have.