Bobby Ibogaine Provider, Chef & Gong Player Baja Mexico
Our Team

About The Serenity Crew

Our team are drawn from a variety of backgrounds, bringing a variety of skills to the table. 

We also make use of outside supporting therapies such as 12step groups (no obligation, open to those that are interested), midbrain studies, yoga classes, acupuncture, plant medicine work and more.

You can read the profiles of our main team members below. We also have  volunteers that bring various other skills to our community too.

Our Team

The Serenity Crew

Below you can find out more about the team here at Serenity Beach in Baja California, Mexico.
From Ibogaine providers to meditation & yoga teachers we provide staff with a wide range of skills to aid you in your recovery from addiction process.

Robert Payne

Senoir Ibogaine Provider