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Heroin & Opiod Addiction Drug Detox with Ibogaine

Ibogaine is fantastic for opiate withdrawals. It’s been hailed as the magic bullet for heroin withdrawals, typically relieving between 90%-100% of heroin detox symptoms.

Crystal Meth Addiction - Ibogaine Treatment Clinic

Ibogaine can help with the PAWS & mental / emotional state for crystal meth and amphetamines / Aderall addicts

Ibogaine for Crack & Cocaine Addiction Treatment, Baja California, Mexico

Ibogaine treatment provides great relief from Crack & Cocaine Addiction in Baja California, Mexico.

Ibogaine for Alcoholism Treatment at Serenity Beach, Baja California, Mexico

Alcoholics can have great benefit from ibogaine and iboga. We offer a medical detox with our own medical staff which is followed by ibogaine flood or low dose protocols.

Ibogaine for Benzo Addiction, Baja California, Mexico

Ibogaine can help with the psychological aspects of someone suffering from benzodiazepam addiction such as Xanax or valium

Micro-dosing iboga / ibogaine provides deep insights

Micro-dosing iboga / ibogaine in combination with meditation work, provides deep insights that we would never normally have.
It’s a great way to get off drugs without the sometimes difficult trip of a flood dose and is safe for people for whom a flood dose might not be.

Become your ideal self with hypnosis & visualization in Baja California, Mexico

The traditional way that ibogaine is administered to really achieve rapid, intense and profound change in an individual. From the Bwiti in the jungles of central africa, to backstreet underground drug detoxes, an ibogaine flood dose is what people typically seek


Ibogaine is a GREAT start, but it is not a stand alone solution. To make the most of your stay here we provide classes in; meditation, yoga, exercise, diet, group, breathwork and special classes on understanding your own mental processes in regard to addiction (focusing on the midbrain/amygdala), art classes, music (if possible) and also preparation for life after rehab.
Through this we hope to succeed where other rehabs have failed.

Ibogaine Aftercare Program - Baja California, Mexico

We have a comprehensive aftercare program where you will get involved in the activites listed on our program page.


Meditation provides us with deeper insights into our own mind. Practising meditation helps us to moderate and change our behaviour. To not be a victim of our own thoughts and reactions. To start to take charge and become masters of our ourselves and our reality.