Ibogaine is frequently called a plant spirit, and it becomes useful to recognize that the spirit in other plants interacts with ibogaine. The spirit of coca, for example. Coca belongs in a group with other psychoactive healing plants which have spirits that interact. The coca spirit is energetic, electrical and euphoric.
Plant vs plant, in this case iboga vs coca, iboga consistently comes out the winner when correct preparation, intention and protocols are in concert.
If our screening indicates you are in great condition to have an ibogaine flood dose, great. But often treatment has to wait for some time after cessation of the cocaine or crack. EKGs needed for approval may be affected by the presence of coke in the system. This is normal, and patience will pay off. Good heart health is so important to the ibogaine process.
Most cocaine/crack protocols with ibogaine will involve a series of treatments with at least one flood dose of ibogaine.
We have to consider that many of the withdrawals from cocaine and crack are emotional and psychological. A lot of mental preparation is needed. It is easier to change our body’s physical needs than to rapidly change our behaviors and emotions.
At Serenity Beach Wellness we approach cocaine and crack abuse aggressively and quickly. Most programs will require a 2 week minimum stay at our beach facility.
Aftercare has to be considered after your cocaine/crack detox. People returning to environments where they were using will encounter countless triggers. You need to be armed with new behavioral and psychological approaches, which we aim to give you through our supporting programs (such as breathwork, meditation, exercise, diet and supplements).

Ibogaine drug detox for Crack & Cocaine Addiction, Baja California
Ibogaine drug detox for Crack & Cocaine Addiction, Baja California

Ibogaine treatment helps us examine our core selves, our identity and our behaviors. When we are quitting stimulants like cocaine, it’s largely the cessation of behaviors that is more challenging than the physical dependence and withdrawals.

As with all our treatments we support our guests through their recoveries from their addictions with a range of health supplements, amino acids, adaptagens and other plant medicines. These work in synergy with the ibogaine.