Benzo dependency is often overlooked when we consider drug detoxes. They are often used by poly-substance users, though, so it’s important to understand its’ relationship with ibogaine.

Like alcohol, benzodiazepam withdrawals can be dangerous, even deadly. Withdrawals may include seizure. So prescribed benzodiazepam habits should only be weaned off of and stopped under the supervision of the prescribing doctor.

Having said that, many people use ibogaine as a finale to their successful taper and cessation of benzo use. Others use ibogaine treatment to launch their gradual taper off the benzodiazepam.
Benzodiazepam during ibogaine treatment:
People who are benzo dependent must continue their baseline ingestion throughout ibogaine treatment. Benzo withdrawal increases the risk of seizure, so we must keep it in your system at sufficient levels. Tapering away from benzodiazepam may begin within 72 hours after flood dose.
Benzos during flood dose is said to hamper the visionary aspects of ibogaine, and to soften the “trip”.

Ibogaine for Benzo Addiction, Baja California, Mexico
Ibogaine for Benzo Addiction, Baja California, Mexico

Ibogaine can help in the treatment of someone suffering from benzodiazepam addiction such as Xanax, valium or others. It is not a stand alone solution though as a medical detox taper must be preformed alongside the iboga work.