Some people want to get off drugs using ibogaine but don’t want to experience the side effects and difficult ‘trip’ of a flood dose. Others are physically unable to take a large dose of ibogaine.

At Serenity Beach we offer a gentle, gradual multi-day microdose strategy that has had great results. We do it using iboga.

Iboga is the basic plant material that is used to isolate ibogaine. Iboga has about 12 alkaloids besides ibogaine which are known to support full association with the ‘spirit’ of iboga. It comes to you as a spoon of strong tasting wood powder, which you wash down with water.

If you are opiate dependent, within 30 minutes any withdrawal symptoms will noticeably begin to decrease.

The protocol continues with lowering, minimizing and then eliminating the need for opiates until you’re not dependent at all. Throughout, withdrawals will not be experienced, as long as you consume the amount of iboga we provide. We recommend 2 weeks for this process.

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The low dose ibogaine protocol is a great option for people with health concerns or who do not wish to experience the hallucinagenic properties of the ibogaine trip. But you still receive insights in more meditative way and the rejunvination and detox properties of this special plant too.

Micro-dosing iboga / ibogaine provides deep insights
Micro-dosing iboga / ibogaine provides deep insights

Become present with yourself. Empty the ego. Step outside and then step within. Iboga as a microdosing regime in tandem with our very meditative approach to rehabilitation provides fertile ground for deep insights, personal growth, and can have spectacular healing results.

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